International Fashion Trade Fairs

International Fashion Trade Fairs are held as a means of exhibiting the latest in Fashion Collections from all over the world

by established and emerging designers and large multinational companies. International Trade fairs are held in capital cities and essential to increase trade prospects, for world exposure , to achieve new markets for your label  with international recognition and status. The exposure for designers exhibiting at International Fashion Trade Fairs is valuable: increases status and international recognition, great for marketing and networking as International

Trade Fairs provides exposure you may not receive in your own country. International trade fairs are often by invitation only by the organisers

but there are opportunities for upcoming designers if they are prepared to do the hard yards and budget accordingly.

Any designer contemplating showing must be prepared to submit photos of their collection and/send samples

or sketches, information about the label, the label history and relevant designer history and more. Much preparation is involved but as a designer found it rewarding, exhilarating and fun! During 2017 the label showed in Paris at Salon International de la Lingerie, a delight to see my designs on the awesome catwalk and later posted on YouTube with other international designers exhibiting. Invited to return again January 2018 but decided to establish my new boutique in Stirling Adelaide hills South Australia. This boutique opened in April 2017 and is successfully operating over 3 years Offering ready to wear fashion, high end/ couture designing created for clients wanting originality and custom made. Additional products available include scented clothing protectors and exquisite French berets made of Merino wool and cashmere by Laulhere. THe label is exclusively South Australian designed and produced but fabrics are sourced at International Trade fairs exhibiting the latest in colours, prints and technology.



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